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The Great Archaeologists
The modern world's discovery of ancient civilizations
Edward Bacon
ISBN Unavailable
© 1976 Secker and Warburg
Categories :  Archaeology  

The Great Archaeologists
The lives and legacy of the people who discovered the world's most famous archaeological s
Paul G. Bahn
ISBN 1844765628
© 2009 Southwater
Categories :  Archaeology  

Tombs, Graves and Mummies
50 Discoveries in World Archaeology
Paul G. Bahn
ISBN 0753801272
© 1998 Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Categories :  Archaeology  

L'Apostrophe Muette.
Essai sur les portraits du Fayoum
Jean-Christophe Bailly
ISBN 2850255440
© 1997 Éditions Hazan
Categories :  Art  

book coverAtlas of Ancient Egypt
John Baines & Jaromir Málek
ISBN 0871963345
© 1983 Facts on File
Categories :  Reference  
Reviewed by Francesca: The first part of the book introduces a comprehensive, condensed yet accurate summary of Ancient Egyptian history. The second part presents archaeological details and plans of the main cities of Upper and Lower Egypt, as well as Nubia. The last part offers a description of Ancient Egyptian society, with its scribes, its army, its religion, and its gods. The authors have also included a list of kings and pharaohs. Readers will see how the pyramids were hypothetically built through reconstructions and diagrams. Excellent maps, a glossary and a bibliography are to be found at the end of this wonderfully illustrated book. Highly recommended, it makes a good reference for all.

book coverVisual and Written Culture in Ancient Egypt
John Baines
ISBN 0199577994
© 2009 Oxford University Press
Categories :  Language & Literature  

El Arte de los Jeroglíficos Egipcios
Laura Bamford
ISBN 8477471827
© 1998 Tres Torres
Categories :  Art  
Note de N. Floro Andrés Rodríguez : Ce livre explique les caractéristiques, le style et le matériel de l'art égyptien.

Pyramides en moskeeën
Architectuur in Egypte
Michiel Banning
ISBN 9062750613
© 1981 Delftse Universitaire Press
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs  

Las Ciudades de las Pirámides en el Antiguo Egipto
Cuadernos de Egiptología Mizar, no. 1
Lucas Baqué Manzano
ISBN Unavailable
© 1996 Librería Mizar
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  
Su autor, Lucas Baqué Manzano, ha llevado a cabo un estudio riguroso y profundo sobre las ciudades de la pirámides, aportando información útil sobre este aspecto poco conocido del antiguo Egipto. Las pirámides han sido, sin lugar a dudas, los monumentos más famosos de la civilización de los faraones. Sin embargo, poco conocidos son los núcleos de población que se establecieron alrededor de tan espectaculares construcciones. Núcleos de población que los propios egipcios denominaron como "ciudades de las pirámides". La importancia de estos asentamientos de población resulta obvia desde el punto de vista urbanístico, a pesar de que sean pocos, a menudo insignificantes los vestigios que consiguieron superar la barrera de los siglos. El presente trabajo rescatando parte de un preciado material trata de poner de relieve su indiscutible protagonismo histórico.

book coverEncyclopedia of the Archeology of Ancient Egypt
Kathryn A. Bard
ISBN 0415185890
© 1999 Routledge
Categories :  Reference  
Reviewed by Francesca: This major work of references provides 14 essays on ancient Egyptian history, from the Paleolithic cultures to the Roman period. An illustrated encyclopedia, it features over 300 A-Z entries and sub-entries (from A-Group Culture to Zawiyet el-Aryan) on archaeological sites, biographies of Egyptologists, buildings and much more. Each entry features suggestions for further reading. Contributors include world-famous Egyptologists and archaeologists. Maps and a chronology complete this outstanding work. Highly recommended for serious students and scholars.


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