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The three hieroglyphs stand for Life, Prosperity and Health in Ancient Egyptian.
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Food and Drink
Life resources in ancient Egypt
Edda Bresciani
ISBN 8872462770
© 1997 Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore
Categories :  Cooking, Food & Wine  

Serpente che mangia non ha veleno
Ricette e segreti alla mensa dei faraoni
Edda Bresciani
ISBN Unavailable
© 1993 Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore
Categories :  Cooking, Food & Wine  

book coverDomestic Plants and Animals
The Egyptian origins
Donald B. Redford, Susan Redford & Douglas J. Brewer
ISBN 0856685852
© 1994 Aris and Phillips
Categories :  Animals  
Reviewed by Francesca: The book presents a variety of Egyptian plants (grains, oils, fruits, vegetables) and animals (cattle, donkeys, camels, cats, dogs, monkeys, birds, bees). The authors cover the origins of agriculture and of the plants, as well as the evidence of those found in Egypt. They also discuss breeds of animals. A concise bibliography is provided for those wishing to consult for further information; this is an excellent reference to have handy.

book coverFish and Fishing in Ancient Egypt
Douglas J. Brewer & Renee F. Friedman
ISBN 0856684856
© 1990 Aris and Phillips
Categories :  Animals  
Reviewed by Francesca: Historians have shown that fish has always played a great part in Egyptian life. This book explores in detail the importance of fish, its economic, artistic and religious significance as well as fishing tools, methods and techniques. It also describes and illustrated 20 types of fish known to the Ancient Egyptians. This is an excellent book for archeologists to identify fish bones.

book coverAnubis to Cerberus
Dogs of the ancient world
Douglas J. Brewer
ISBN 0856687049
© 2002 Aris and Phillips
Categories :  Animals  
From the publisher's website: Lavishly illustrated, this book combines the latest scientific material with a cultural history to tell the developing story of the inter-relationship between man and dog from its origin in remote antiquity to that which we know today.

book coverThe Secret of the Great Pyramid
How one man's obsession led to the solution of Ancient Egypt's greatest mystery
Bob Brier
ISBN 0061655538
© 2009 Harper
Categories :  Pyramids & Sphinx  
From Booklist:A specialist on Egyptian mummies, Brier relates that he receives many a missive purporting to have solved the mystery of the Great Pyramidís construction. In one dayís e-mail, a plausible idea caught his fancy. Unlike theories that aliens lent Egyptians a helping hand, this message dwelt on the central engineering problem concerning the type of ramp the tombís architect used. Brierís communication came from coauthor Houdin, a French architect who devoted years to studying the problem. Rather than immediately bowl readers over with Houdinís proposal, Brier cleverly entices them by alternating Houdinís quest with the trial-and-error development of pharaonic pyramids. Photos and computer-generated graphics illustrate the authorsí explanation of designs and building processes, in the course of which they describe defects in the theories that the ramp was a mile-long straightaway or an external corkscrew. Houdin adopted an inspiration of his fatherís, that the ramp was indeed a corkscrew, but one that rested inside the pyramid. His search for supporting evidence, culminating in a public presentation of his theory in 2007, fills out a book to fascinate pyramid fans.

book coverLe gisement épipaléolithique de ML1 à ’Ayn-Manâwir
Oasis de Kharga
François Briois, Béatrix Midant-Reynes & Michel Wuttmann
ISBN 2724704921
© 2008 Institut francais d’archéologie orientale (IFAO)
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  

Concise Dictionary of Egyptian Archaeology
M. Broderick & A. A. Morton
ISBN 0890053030
© 1979 Ares Publishers
Categories :  Reference  

The Temple of King Sethos I at Abydos
Myrtle F. Broome & Amice Mary Calverley
ISBN Unavailable
© 1959 Egypt Exploration Society
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs  

book coverFood in Antiquity
A survey of the diet of early peoples
Don R. Brothwell & Patricia Brothwell
ISBN 0801857406
© 1976 Johns Hopkins University Press
Categories :  Cooking, Food & Wine  
From the book cover: A world-wide survey of the eating and drinking habits of early peoples, [this book] covers a broad geographical range, from the early populations of Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Americas to the more familiar Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek, and Roman worlds. From meat, insects, vegetables, and fruits to cooking oils and beverages, each source of sustenance is described in terms of who consumed it, how it was prepared, and how it spread from its region of origin.


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