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book coverTombs. Treasures. Mummies
Seven great discoveries of Egyptian archaeology
Dennis C. Forbes
ISBN 1879388065
© 1998 KMT Publications
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs   Funerary Practices & Mummification  

book coverDictionnaire de l'Égypte ancienne
Jean-Yves Empereur, Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt, A. Forgeau, Jean Vercoutter & Jean Leclant
ISBN 2226096175
© 2000 Albin Michel
Categories :  Reference  

A history and a guide
Edward Morgan Forster
ISBN 0844606251
© 1974 Peter Smith
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  

book coverAlexandrie : une communauté linguistique ? ou la question du grec alexandrin
Jean-Luc Fournet
ISBN 2724704976
© 2009 Institut francais d’archéologie orientale (IFAO)
Categories :  Language & Literature  
Du site de l'éditeur : L’originalité de la culture de l’Alexandrie antique s’est-elle affirmée dans le domaine de la langue au point qu’on puisse parler de «grec alexandrin»? C’est la question à laquelle Jean-Luc Fournet tente de répondre en rassemblant et en étudiant les particularismes linguistiques (avant tout lexicaux) que les auteurs anciens, déjà conscients du problème, ont signalés. À travers ces idiotismes de langue se dessinent les spécificités d’une cité: les mœ urs et le caractère de ses habitants, certains traits de son urbanisme et de sa culture matérielle, le paysage de son arrière-pays et les activités économiques qui y sont liées. Si certains relèvent des lieux communs que les Anciens véhiculaient sur cette mégapole et sa population, d’autres mettent en lumière des faits culturels ou matériels qui ont parfois échappé aux historiens, papyrologues ou archéologues.

Egyptian Aesthetics
René Francis
ISBN 0405085311
© 1972 Ayer Publications
Categories :  Egyptian Technology  

The Cenotaph of Seti I at Abydos
Henri Frankfort
ISBN Unavailable
© 1933 Egypt Exploration Society
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs  

Cities of Alexander the Great
Peter Marshall Fraser
ISBN 0198150067
© 1996 Clarendon Press
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  

book coverEgypt, Greece and Rome
Civilization of the ancient Mediterranean
Charles W. Freeman
ISBN 0198721943
© 1999 Getty Center for Education in the Arts
Categories :  Civilization   Environment & Geography  
From This is a unique and comprehensive introduction to the ancient Mediterranean and its three major civilizations, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It reveals a fascinating picture of the deep links between the cultures across the Mediterranean and explores the ways in which these civilizations continue to be influential to this day Beginning with the emergence of the earliest Egyptian civilization around 3200 BC, [the author] follows the history of the Mediterranean over a span of four millennia to AD 600, beyond the fall of the Roman empire in the west to the emergence of the Byzantine empire in the east. In addition to the three great civilizations, the peoples of the Ancient Near East and other lesser-known cultures such as the Etruscans, Celts, Persians, and Phoenicians are explored. The author examines the art, architecture, philosophy, literature, and religious practices of each culture, set against its social, politica, and economic background. Ample space is also given to key individuals, from Homer to Horace, the Pharaoh Akhenaten to the emperor Augustus, Alexander the Great to Julius Caesar, Jesus to Justinian, and Aristotle to Augustine.

book coverSites of Antiquity
From Ancient Egypt to the fall of Rome, 50 sites that explain the classical world
Charles Freeman
ISBN 1905131313
© 2009 Blue Guides
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  
From A lavishly illustrated tour of the preeminent Mediterranean archeological areas. Armchair travelers and history buffs alike will thrill to the beautiful illustrations, floor plans, and maps that complement Sites of Antiquity as it traces the evolution of the Classical world through fifty of its greatest sites. From the Egypt of the pharaohs through the democracies of Greece to the fall of Imperial Rome, this handsome volume reflects the perennial Blue Guides’ strengths in erudition and research.

book coverFish and Fishing in Ancient Egypt
Douglas J. Brewer & Renee F. Friedman
ISBN 0856684856
© 1990 Aris and Phillips
Categories :  Animals  
Reviewed by Francesca: Historians have shown that fish has always played a great part in Egyptian life. This book explores in detail the importance of fish, its economic, artistic and religious significance as well as fishing tools, methods and techniques. It also describes and illustrated 20 types of fish known to the Ancient Egyptians. This is an excellent book for archeologists to identify fish bones.

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