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Ein ägyptischer Tempel, gesehen mit den Augen der alten Ägypter
Dieter Kurth
ISBN 3534120922
© 1994 Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs  

book coverThe Ancient Near East c. 3000-330 B.C. (2 volumes)
Amélie Kuhrt
ISBN 0415167620
© 1995 Routledge
Categories :  Environment & Geography  

Le papyrus Boulaq 6
Yvan Koenig
ISBN Unavailable
© 1981 Institut francais d’archéologie orientale (IFAO)
Categories :  Language & Literature  

book coverEgyptian Woodworking and Furniture
Geoffrey Killen
ISBN 0747802394
© 2008 Shire Publications
Categories :  Egyptian Technology  
Reviewed by Francesca: This is a typical Shire book, in that its length is 64 pages but packed with interesting and informative details. This popularly focused volume deals with woodworking materials; woodworking techniques and fittings; Predynastic and Early Dynastic periods through to the Roman Period. It gives a brief survey of collections in museums and provides a good glossary. All in all, it is a good refresher course for scholars and an excellent reference for beginners.

Ancient Egyptian Furniture, 4000-1300 B.C.
Geoffrey Killen
ISBN 0856682810
© 1980 Aris and Phillips
Categories :  Egyptian Technology  
From AEB: This volume on Ancient Egyptian furniture deals with boxes, chests and footstools. In all chapters some pieces are presented with a description, drawings of the construction techniques and/or photographs.

Tuna el-Gebel (volume 1)
G. J. Boessneck, A. von der Driesch & D. Kessler
ISBN 3806781028
© 1987 Gerstenberg
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  

Tuna el-Gebel (volume 2)
G. J. Boessneck, A. von der Driesch & D. Kessler
ISBN 3806781370
© 1987 Gerstenberg
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  

A Survey of the Ancient City of el-'Amarna
Barry J. Kemp & Salvatore Garfi
ISBN 0856981222
© 1993 Egypt Exploration Society
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  
From AEB: This is a set of loose survey maps, constituting the site of el-Amarna, accompanied by a book with explanation and commentary on these. The book offers a historical overview of earlier surveys of Amarna, with descriptions of Napoleon's expedition, Wilkinson and Lepsius and the German survey of Timme (1911-1914), the Egypt Exploration Society (1921-1936), etc.

book coverThe Question of Evil in Ancient Egypt
Mpay Kemboly S.J.
ISBN 1906137153
© 2010 Golden House Publications
Categories :  Religion & Spirituality   Myths & Legends  

Les pierres utilisées dans la sculpture et l'architecture de l'Égypte pharaonique
Thierry de Putter & Christina Karlshausen
ISBN 2872680039
© 1992 Connaissance de l’Égypte ancienne
Categories :  Museum Catalogs   Egyptian Technology  
From AEB: Les auteurs, géologue et égyptologue, donnent la possibilité au lecteur d'identifier les pierres utilisées par les anciens égyptiens. Ce livre discute aussi l'exploitation des mines et carrières.

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