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A guide to Ancient Egypt
Jill Kamil
ISBN 0582783399
© 1983 Longman
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  

Aswan and Abu Simbel
A history and guide
Jill Kamil
ISBN 9774243145
© 1993 American University in Cairo Press
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  

Ancient Thebes and the Necropolis
Jill Kamil
ISBN 9771601180
© 1996 Longman
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  

Thebanische Beamtennekropolen
Neue Perspektiven archäologischen Forschung Internationalen Symposion
Jan Assmann, Eberhard Dziobek, Heike Guksch & Friederike Kampp
ISBN 9783927552210
© 1995 Heidelberger Orientverlag
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs   Funerary Practices & Mummification  

Akhmim in the Old Kingdom
Naguib Kanawati
ISBN 0858377918
© 1992 Australian Centre for Egyptology
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  
From AEB: "The excavation of the tombs of el-Hawawish, the necropolis of Akhmim, capital of the 9th Upper Egyptian nome, has considerably enlarged the knowledge of its long and continuous successions of holders of certain offices. Therefore, this book concentrates on the chronology and the civil and religious administration of one of the most important and influential centres in Upper Egypt in the Old Kingdom."

The Tombs of el-Hagarsa
Naguib Kanawati
ISBN 1864080043
© 1995 Australian Centre for Egyptology
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs  

Les pierres utilisées dans la sculpture et l'architecture de l'Égypte pharaonique
Thierry de Putter & Christina Karlshausen
ISBN 2872680039
© 1992 Connaissance de l’Égypte ancienne
Categories :  Museum Catalogs   Egyptian Technology  
From AEB: Les auteurs, géologue et égyptologue, donnent la possibilité au lecteur d'identifier les pierres utilisées par les anciens égyptiens. Ce livre discute aussi l'exploitation des mines et carrières.

book coverThe Question of Evil in Ancient Egypt
Mpay Kemboly S.J.
ISBN 1906137153
© 2010 Golden House Publications
Categories :  Religion & Spirituality   Myths & Legends  

A Survey of the Ancient City of el-'Amarna
Barry J. Kemp & Salvatore Garfi
ISBN 0856981222
© 1993 Egypt Exploration Society
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  
From AEB: This is a set of loose survey maps, constituting the site of el-Amarna, accompanied by a book with explanation and commentary on these. The book offers a historical overview of earlier surveys of Amarna, with descriptions of Napoleon's expedition, Wilkinson and Lepsius and the German survey of Timme (1911-1914), the Egypt Exploration Society (1921-1936), etc.

Tuna el-Gebel (volume 1)
G. J. Boessneck, A. von der Driesch & D. Kessler
ISBN 3806781028
© 1987 Gerstenberg
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  

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