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Il villaggio e la necropoli
Anna Maria Donadoni Roveri, Enrichetta Leospo & Elvira d’Amicone
ISBN 8880520008
© 1994 Artema
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  

book coverKing Tut's Wine Cellar
Leonard H. Lesko
ISBN 0930548000
© 1977 B. C. Scribe Publications
Categories :  Cooking, Food & Wine  

Treasures of Egyptian Art from the Louvre
Lawrence M. Berman & Bernadette Letellier
ISBN 0195212355
© 1996 Oxford University Press
Categories :  Pharaohs & Queens   Museum Catalogs   Art  
From AEB: The Egyptian galleries at the Louvre are perhaps the best-known in the world, containing some of the most precious works of art ever found among the ruins of the ancient kingdoms that once rose along the Nile. This year, with the renovation of the Egyptian wing of the Louvre, Americans will have the rare opportunity to view thirty of these treasures firsthand : works that have never traveled since their initial acquisition by the Louvre are being gathered for an unprecedented exhibition that opens at the Cleveland Museum of Art in February 1996. This beautifully illustrated catalogue offers a complete record of the exhibition, and provides a veritable feast for all Egyptologists and other avid fans of Ancient Egypt. [This book] features all thirty of these masterpieces of Egyptian art, and includes images of rulers from all the major periods of Egyptian history, as seen in the statues, reliefs, and stelae (largely done in stone) of the original collection. [...]
[This book] is a lavish collection of treasures for art lovers and antiquities students alike. The wealth of archaeological information combined with the sheer beauty of the pieces themselves result in a lush and richly detailed presentation that is not only an essential companion for anyone planning to attend the exhibit, but an invaluable addition to the library of every lover of art, archaeology, and Egyptology.

book coverGifts of the Nile
Ancient Egyptian faience
Florence Dunn Friedman, Georgina Borromeo & Mimi Leveque
ISBN 0500237549
© 1998 Thames & Hudson
Categories :  Museum Catalogs   Egyptian Technology  
From Library Journal: Friedman (curator of ancient art, Museum of Art, Rhode Island Sch. of Design) provides a catalog that expands the Rhode Island School of Design's new traveling exhibit, affording an intimate look at a critical area of Egyptian art. There is little gold to catch the eye and no colossal statues to marvel at in the exhibit, but many of the faience pieces selected are important and most are exquisite. While spectators in exhibit halls must jostle to view each item, the catalog's photographs permit a detailed look, and essays by outstanding scholars in the field provide insight into creation and use. The photographs are exceptionally clear, critical in a book so filled with detail. This is a definitive work in what had been a barren field. Highly recommended for large public and academic libraries.

book coverThe Untold Religion of Ancient Egypt
The Lost Symbols of Freemasonry
Jeffrey Lewis
ISBN 0615318827
© 2009 Induction Press
Categories :  Religion & Spirituality  

book coverAncient Egyptian Dances
Irena Lexova
ISBN 0486409066
© 1999 Dover Publications
Categories :  Performing Arts  

Moral Values in Ancient Egypt
Miriam Lichtheim
ISBN 3727811382
© 1997 Universitätsverlag
Categories :  Sociology & Anthropology  
Reviewed by Francesca: The author claims this book (her fourth) is the last one. Through different Ancient Egyptian texts, she studies the meanders of Ancient Egyptian souls. Tombstone texts reveal their deep meanings and the wish of each to tell that his heart was filled with Maat throughout his life. She begins by explaining that one should be aware of 'terminological muddle', such as for the word wisdom. She also tells of the arrival of the idea of 'evil' in texts of the Fourth Dynasty. According to her, the pursuit of happiness seems to be linked with social ethics and generosity. This is an intelligent book to read, which leaves the reader with much to think about, once the book is closed.

Ancient Egyptian Mirrors
From the earliest times through the Middle Kingdom
Christine Lilyquist
ISBN 3422008012
© 1979 Deutscher Kunstverlag
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Categories :  Jewelry, Clothing & Beauty Care  

book coverEgyptian Stone Vessels
Khian Through Tuthmosis IV
Christine Lilyquist
ISBN 0870997602
© 1995 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Categories :  Museum Catalogs   Egyptian Technology  

book coverTebtynis III
Vessel’s Notations from Tebtynis
Nikos Litinas
ISBN 2724704679
© 2008 Institut francais d’archéologie orientale (IFAO)
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  


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