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book coverAtlas of Ancient Egypt
John Baines & Jaromir Málek
ISBN 0871963345
© 1983 Facts on File
Categories :  Reference  
Reviewed by Francesca: The first part of the book introduces a comprehensive, condensed yet accurate summary of Ancient Egyptian history. The second part presents archaeological details and plans of the main cities of Upper and Lower Egypt, as well as Nubia. The last part offers a description of Ancient Egyptian society, with its scribes, its army, its religion, and its gods. The authors have also included a list of kings and pharaohs. Readers will see how the pyramids were hypothetically built through reconstructions and diagrams. Excellent maps, a glossary and a bibliography are to be found at the end of this wonderfully illustrated book. Highly recommended, it makes a good reference for all.

book coverThe Cat in Ancient Egypt.
Jaromir Málek
ISBN 0812216326
© 1997 University of Pennsylvania Press
Categories :  Animals  
From the book cover: Cat fanciers who consider their pets majestic have history on their side : felines were domesticated in Ancient Egypt around 2000 BC while their European cousins still ran wild. Over the centuries they gained an exalted position in royal society - revered as an incarnation of a goddess, modeled in bronze statuettes, and even mummified and buried with their owners. Yet cats also won commoners' respect for their humble origins and protective instincts, earning them a prominant place in the personal religion of ordinary people. Egypt scholar Jaromir Malek has called on a variety of artistic and written sources to tell how the cat became one of the most widely esteemed animals in that ancient society. [...] Throughout the text, he provides sufficient information on ancient Egyptian religion, society, and art to help general readers understand how the cat achieved its place of honour. Today cats can be seen throughout Egypt, wandering in bazaars or asleep in shaded courtyards, evidence of an enduring relationship with humans that this book warmly captures.

Der 'Armreif' des Königs Ahmose und der Handgelenkschutz des Bogenschützen im alten Ägypten und Vorderasien
Hans Wolfgang Müller
ISBN 3805310552
© 1989 Philipp Von Zabern
Categories :  Egyptian Technology  

book coverAncient Architecture
Mesopotamia, Egypt, Crete
Hans Wolfgang Müller & Seton Lloyd
ISBN 0847806928
© 1986 Electa
Categories :  Architecture  

book coverAncient Architecture
Seton Lloyd & Hans Wolfgang Müller
ISBN 1904313280
© 2004 Phaidon Press
Categories :  Architecture  
From This book traces the earliest history of architecture at its birthplace in the ancient Middle East (primarily the current Iran and Iraq) and ancient Egypt, and covers archeological sites, temples, tombs, and early dwellings - several of which have been the subject of recent news coverage on sites and treasures threatened by the Iraq war and political instability.

book coverThe Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen
Howard Carter & Arthur C. Mace
ISBN 0486235009
© 1977 Dover Publications
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs  
From This book captures the painstaking, step-by-step process of excavation; and the wonders of the treasure-filled inner chamber. 104 on-the-spot photographs depict the phases of the discovery and the scrupulous cataloging of the treasures.

Abu Simbel
William MacQuitty
ISBN Unavailable
© 1965 Macdonald
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  

book coverThe Treasures of Ancient Egypt, from the Rosetta Stone to the Tomb of Tutankhamun
The Search for the Riches of Ancient Egypt
Jaromir Malek
ISBN 023300310X
© 2010 Andre Deutsch
Categories :  Archaeology  
From pyramids were already millennia old when the ancient Romans began what eventually would become the modern science of archaeology. This stirring account begins in Roman times and traces the adventures of generations of intrepid men and women who uncovered tombs, deciphered hieroglyphic inscriptions, and brought to light spectacular treasures-all to give us a deeper understanding of Egypt\'s remarkable civilization. Illustrated with pictures of important discoveries and including facsimiles of archaeologists\' maps, sketches, and journal pages, this is an irresistible introduction to the fascinating world of Egyptology.

The Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt
Sacred science and the mystery of consciousness
Edward F. Malkowski
ISBN 1594771863
© 2007 Inner Traditions
Categories :  Religion & Spirituality   Egyptian Technology  

book coverThe Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt
Bill Manley
ISBN 0140513310
© 1996 Penguin Books
Categories :  Reference  


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