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Neolithic and A-Group Sites
Hans-Åke Nordström
ISBN 9789124216719
© 1972 Astrom Editions
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  

book coverAncient Nubia
Egypt's rival in Africa
David O’Connor
ISBN 0924171286
© 1993 Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Categories :  Museum Catalogs   Environment & Geography  
Reviewed by Francesca: This book, divided in two sections, was compiled during the course of the 1993 exhibition of the same name. It collectively portrays the fruits of knowledge of it. In the first part, the author introduces this fascinating civilization, by explaining its politics, religious beliefs, society, culture and history from the Bronze Age to the Napatan Meroitic Period. The second part contains more than 300 black and white pictures presented at the exhibition. This is a valuable work for those needing to learn more about Nubia.

L'Afrique dans l'antiquité
Égypte pharaonique, Afrique noire
Théophile Obenga
ISBN Unavailable
© 1973 Présence Africaine
Categories :  Environment & Geography  

A Tomb from the Reign of Tutankhamun at Akhmim
Boyo G. Ockinga
ISBN 0856688010
© 1997 Aris and Phillips
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs  
From AEB: Inscriptions have dated this large tomb, situated to the west of the Red Monastery at Sohag, to the reign of Tutankhamun and it is believed to have been intended for two 'Overseers of Nurses.' This book reports the archaeological and epigraphic investigations that have led to these conclusions and discusses the monument's historical context - the turbulent years following the death of Tutankhamun.

book coverThe Mammals of Ancient Egypt
Dale J. Osborn & Jana Osbornová
ISBN 0856685100
© 1998 Aris and Phillips
Categories :  Animals  
Reviewed by Francesca: The first part of the book introduces evidence of mammals in ancient Egyptian representations of art. The second section provides a description and details of mammals according to their family and orders (pigs, insects, cats, dogs, monkeys, hedgehogs, horses, gazelles, bovids and others). With excellent black and white illustrations, well-written, it is a recommended and useful reference for all.

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