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The Zoology of Egypt
John Anderson
ISBN Unavailable
© 1902 Rees
Categories :  Animals  
book coverThe Mammals of Ancient Egypt
Dale J. Osborn & Jana Osbornová
ISBN 0856685100
© 1998 Aris and Phillips
Categories :  Animals  
Reviewed by Francesca: The first part of the book introduces evidence of mammals in ancient Egyptian representations of art. The second section provides a description and details of mammals according to their family and orders (pigs, insects, cats, dogs, monkeys, hedgehogs, horses, gazelles, bovids and others). With excellent black and white illustrations, well-written, it is a recommended and useful reference for all.
The History of the Wolf in Western Civilization
From Antiquity to the Middle Ages
Malcolm Drew Donaldson
ISBN 0773456937
© 2006 Edwin Mellen Press
Categories :  Animals  
From This study of the wolf is primarily that of the wolf of Biblical metaphor and medieval legend, rather than the wolf of reality. Yet, it demonstrates for students and teachers alike how the wolf of reality underwent a long-term "demonization" in western culture, largely as a result of the literary wolf. It accomplishes this, first, through a close investigation of the pertinent passages of the Scriptures and select references in the works of the Church Fathers.
book coverThe Cat in Ancient Egypt.
Jaromir Málek
ISBN 0812216326
© 1997 University of Pennsylvania Press
Categories :  Animals  
From the book cover: Cat fanciers who consider their pets majestic have history on their side : felines were domesticated in Ancient Egypt around 2000 BC while their European cousins still ran wild. Over the centuries they gained an exalted position in royal society - revered as an incarnation of a goddess, modeled in bronze statuettes, and even mummified and buried with their owners. Yet cats also won commoners' respect for their humble origins and protective instincts, earning them a prominant place in the personal religion of ordinary people. Egypt scholar Jaromir Malek has called on a variety of artistic and written sources to tell how the cat became one of the most widely esteemed animals in that ancient society. [...] Throughout the text, he provides sufficient information on ancient Egyptian religion, society, and art to help general readers understand how the cat achieved its place of honour. Today cats can be seen throughout Egypt, wandering in bazaars or asleep in shaded courtyards, evidence of an enduring relationship with humans that this book warmly captures.
The Cat in Ancient Egypt
B. Langton
ISBN 0710307101
© 2000 Taylor and Francis
Categories :  Animals  
From This rare volume is a detailed visual record of art and artifacts associated with the worship of the cat and the goddess Bastet in ancient Egypt. The book begins with a brief history of the cult, tracing its development from earliest times to the height of its popularity under the Bubastite dynasty, noting that organized divinity only passed from the cat and the goddess in 392 AD when the Emperor Theodosius I forbade paganism. The remainder of the work, profusely illustrated with objects from the authors' collection, describes pieces depicting cat figures, cat heads, groups, inscriptions, mummy cases, scarabs, amulets and jewelry.
book coverThe Birds of Egypt
Steven M. Goodman & Peter L. Meininger
ISBN 0198576447
© 1989 Oxford University Press
Categories :  Animals  
From the book cover: This work brings together new research on the birds of Egypt with a critical review of earlier knowledge. Resident and migratory species found in the area are surveyed, giving details of their occurrence, distribution, and breeding patterns. The subject is set in its historical context, outlining Egyptian ornithology right back to the Predynastic Period (4500-3000 BC). The effects of environmental change, hunting, and conservation and protection are all discussed.
book coverThe Animal World of the Pharaohs
Patrick F. Houlihan
ISBN 050001731X
© 1997 Thames & Hudson
Categories :  Animals  
From the book cover: Mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians - animals of all kinds were important to the ancient Egyptians in their work, leisure and religious practices. In this book, the author examines aspects of the relationship between people and animals in ancient Egypt, and identifies the animals most commonly represented in art and hieroglyphs. Surveying more than three thousand years of Egyptian history, the author draws not only on the extremely rich pictorial record, but also on the evidence from textual references, mummified animals, food offerings placed in burials and bone remains recovered from settlement sites.
book coverSwifter than the Arrow
The Golden Hunting Hounds of Ancient Egypt
Michael Rice
ISBN 1845111168
© 2006 I. B. Tauris
Categories :  Animals  
From Discussions in Egyptology: The author has produced an admirable and carefully crafted book, whose terms of reference are far broader than the title indicates. It will undoubtedly stimulate the interest of Egyptologists and laypeople alike.
Out of Noah's Ark
Animals in ancient art from the Leo Mildenberg collection
Patricia Erhart Mottahedeh
ISBN 3805323476
© 1997 Philipp Von Zabern
Categories :  Animals  
Les divins chats d'Égypte
Luc Delvaux & E. Warmenbol
ISBN 90683136222
© 1991 Peeters
Categories :  Animals  
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