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Études de mythologie et d'archéologie égyptiennes
Gaston Maspero
ISBN Unavailable
© 1916 E. Leroux
Categories :  Archaeology   Myths & Legends  
book coverA Glimmer of Light from the Eye of a Giant
Tabular Evidence of a Monument in Harmony with the Universe
Joseph Turbeville
ISBN 1552124010
© 2000 Trafford Publishing
Categories :  Archaeology  
From the book cover: A mathematical combination of the Fibonacci series with a process of number reduction by distillation led to the development of several numerical tables that provide evidence of a direct numerical connection to the Great Pyramid and the cosmological order of the universe.

Reviewed by Francesca: What a title! How promising! The author may be ahead of modern thinking and mathematical inclinations and beliefs, but he sure has a clear view of what his own thinking process is. He says that many of the summation numbers and ratios he comes up with are present in the Great pyramid and in nature: i.e. in petal counts, in plant stems, in leaf arrangements and in pine cones. Whether the author discovered something new or only explained clearly something we simply never saw is irrelevant: His work remains exceptional and enlightening. This book may be small in size, but its contents follow an old law of nature explained to me by my own great-grandmother: 'Precious things often come in small containers and small doses.' Thank you, Joseph Turbeville, for your 'receptivity of any little nudge that life may give you.' And now, one question: Did the Egyptians know about quantum physics, and what they were doing while building the pyramids, or was it simply instinctive?
A History of Egyptian Archaeology
Fred Gladstone Bratton
ISBN Unavailable
© 1967 Robert Hale
Categories :  Archaeology  
book coverAfrica & Africans in Antiquity
Edwin M. Yamauchi
ISBN 0870135112
© 2000 Michigan State University Press
Categories :  Archaeology  
From Africa and Africans in Antiquity assesses recent historical research and archaeology under way in Egypt, North Africa, the Sudan, and the Horn of Africa. Whereas many European and American scholars of earlier generations believed that Egyptian contacts with Africa to the south were not culturally significant, research contained in this important collection rejects such notions. At the same time, the volume takes issue with Afrocentric scholars who argue that most Egyptians were "black" and that blacks are the rightful heirs to Egypt's past grandeur. These ten thought-provoking essays demonstrate that this large region was an ethnic and cultural mosaic in antiquity, a place where Phoenicians, Berbers, Greeks, as well as Egyptians and Nubians interacted.
book coverAn Archaeological Investigation of the Central Sinai, Egypt
Frank W. Eddy & Fred Wendorf
ISBN 0870815377
© 1999 University Press of Colorado
Categories :  Archaeology  
Reviewed by Francesca: This book is the product of the Combined Prehistoric Expedition's forays in the upper Wadi Girafi Basin. The information which has been yielded on the southern Levantian Timnian Tradition (a pastoral tradition existing between 7000-3000 BP) is invaluable. Settlement patterns and the adaptive responses of the peoples to their changing environment is examined in graphic detail. The book is divided into two sections: the survey results and the excavations. The numerous line-drawings, maps and black and white photos enhance this fantastic scholar book. This book is highly recommended for all interested students and scholars.
Ancient Egyptian Stone Vessels
Materials and forms
Barbara G. Aston
ISBN 3927552127
© 1994 Heidelberger Orientverlag
Categories :  Archaeology  
From AEB: The author exposes the difficulties of the identification and naming of stones, and key maps to quarry locations and describes the materials. Each type of rock used for stone vessels is described, and its identification, sources and dating discussed.
Archaeological History of the Ancient Middle East
Jack Finegan
ISBN 0891581642
© 1979 Westview Press
Categories :  Archaeology  
From AEB: This vivid account covers archaeological studies in the river valleys of the Tigris, the Eurphrates and the Nile, as well as adjacent lands from Asia Minor to the Iranian plateau and from Urartu to Nubia and Syria-Palestine.
Archaeology and Settlement in Upper Nubia in the First Millennium A.D.
D. Edwards & Louise Schofield
ISBN 0860546829
© 1989 British Archaeological Reports (BAR)
Categories :  Archaeology   Environment & Geography  
Bioarchaeology of Ancient Egypt and Nubia
A Bibliography
Jerome C. Rose
ISBN 0861591127
© 1997 British Museum Press
Categories :  Archaeology  
Chief of Seers
Egyptian Studies in Memory of Cyril Aldred
Nicholas Reeves, John Ruffle & Elizabeth Goring
ISBN 0710304498
© 1997 Kegan Paul International (KPI)
Categories :  Archaeology   Biographies & Memoirs  
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