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An Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Pottery
Dieter Arnold & Janine Bourriau
ISBN 3805306237
© 1993 Mainz
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Categories :  Art  
Ancient Egypt
Kelly Campbell-Hinshaw
ISBN 0811856690
© 2007 Chronicle Books
Categories :  Children & Young Adults   Art  
From the publisher: The book explores the art of the ancient Egyptians.
book coverAncient Faces
Mummy Portraits in Roman Egypt
Susan Walker
ISBN 0415927447
© 2000 Routledge
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Categories :  Funerary Practices & Mummification   Art  
Note from Francesca : A companion to an exhibition taking place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, this book presents colored panel and shroud portraits of Roman Egypt. Contributors, including R. Bagnall, M. Bierbrier, K. Gschwantler, J. Taylor and S. Walker, give a concise acccount of mummy portraits and their discovery, as well as the Fayum and its people. Extensively illustrated in color, this is a useful book covering a little-known subject. An excellent reference for everyone.
Antico Egitto
Lo splendore dell’arte dei faraoni
Maurizio Damiano-Appia
ISBN 8843575171
© 2001 Electa
Categories :  Art  
book coverAtlas of Egyptian Art
Emile Prisse d’Avennes
ISBN 9774245849
© 2000 American University in Cairo Press
Categories :  Architecture   Art  
Reviewed by Francesca: The first part of this album on ancient Egyptian art presents the author and his passion for Egyptology. The second part consists of plates, representing drawings and outlines of pillars, vases, portraits, columns, niches, plans, and patterns among many others. This is a good reference to the art and architecture of ancient Egypt.
Egyptian art
Selected writings of Bernard V. Bothmer
Madeleine E. Cody, Paul Edmund Stanwick & Marsha Hill
ISBN 0195130715
© 2004 Oxford University Press
Categories :  Art  
book coverEgyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids
James P. Allen
ISBN 0300085958
© 1999 Metropolitan Museum Of Art New York
Categories :  Art  
Note de Francesca: Accompanying an exhibition of Old Kingdom art, this book offers numerous essays on royal pyramid complexes, non-royal tombs, statuary and Old Kingdom history. Contributors include James P. Allen, Susan Allen, Dieter Arnold, Dorothea Arnold, Nicolas Grimal, Zahi Hawass, Jean-Philippe Lauer, Catherine Roehrig and Christiane Ziegler. More than 200 entries of the exhibition's works of art are featured, along with 650 photographs, of which 500 are in color. The chronology, the bibliography and the indexes are very useful. This is a beautiful jewel for everyone to own and a must for those curious about the Age of the Pyramids.
book coverEgyptian Art in the Days of the Pharaohs, 3100-320 BC
(español : El Arte Egipcio - français : L'Art Égyptien)
Cyril Aldred
ISBN 0500201803
© 1985 Thames & Hudson
Categories :  Art  
From AEB: Of the ancient art that has survived from the non-Classical world, that of Egypt makes a unique appeal. In this authoritative and splendidly illustrated guide Cyril Aldred surveys nearly 3000 years of Egyptian art and architecture, concentrating on the fine arts of painting and sculpture.
book coverEgyptian Pottery
Colin Hope
ISBN 074780494X
© 2001 Shire Publications
Categories :  Art  
Reviewed by Francesca: Pottery is an ancient craft: the Ancient Egyptians produced numerous objects with clay. This book describes the manufacture and implementation of pottery vessels from Predynastic times to the Ptolemaic era. Designs, motifs and various models of vessels are discussed. Tomb reliefs and inscriptions are a reference to the techniques employed in the production of pottery. The role of Ancient Egyptian pottery in Egyptology today is examined in detail. A well-illustrated, useful book recommenced to students and scholars.
book coverEgyptian Statues
Gay Robins
ISBN 0747805202
© 2001 Shire Publications
Categories :  Art  
Reviewed by Francesca: Egyptian sculpture makes a fascinating study of Ancient Egyptian art. It evolves over the years, thus letting interested individuals know about the various styles as they came to life. The author, an expert on Ancient Egyptian art, examines herein materials and techniques the Ancient Egyptian sculptors used over the numerous dynasties. She discusses the function of statues and the 'ideal image.' She also looks at the influence of Ancient Egypt on Greek sculpture. A short, well-illustrated, extremely useful book, recommended to every student.
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