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The three hieroglyphs stand for Life, Prosperity and Health in Ancient Egyptian.
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Category:  Children & Young Adults

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Ancient Egypt
Kelly Campbell-Hinshaw
ISBN 0811856690
© 2007 Chronicle Books
Categories :  Children & Young Adults   Art  
From the publisher: The book explores the art of the ancient Egyptians.
book coverArts, Leisure, and Sport in Ancient Egypt
Don Nardo
ISBN 1590187067
© 2005 Lucent Books
Categories :  Children & Young Adults   Sports & Recreation  
From School Library Journal: Quoting extensively from 19th-and 20th-century Egyptologists, as well as from available ancient sources, Nardo presents a great deal of information in a smooth narrative, accompanied by archival photographs and reproductions of artifacts, illustrations from the past century or so, and even scenes taken from films and documentaries.
Gods and Myths of Ancient Egypt
Robert A. Armour
ISBN 9774241134
© 1986 American University in Cairo Press
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Categories :  Gods & Goddesses   Children & Young Adults   Language & Literature   Myths & Legends  
Note from Francesca : This book relates many interesting stories about the Ancient Egyptian gods. Amongst those featured are the Daily Voyage of Ra through the sky, the mythical story of Osiris and Isis, the battle of Horus with his uncle Seth, the destruction of mankind by Hathor, the secret name of Ra, the book of Toth and the famous Tale of Two Brothers. There is a useful glossary of Ancient Egyptian gods. The book is clearly written with concise and brief explanations. It is a good general reference to the myths and legends of Ancient Egypt.
Dana Meachen Rau
ISBN 0761422757
© 2007 Marshall Cavendish Benchmark
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs   Children & Young Adults  
From the publisher: The book describes the architecture, construction, and interior of a pyramid.
Pyramid Builders
Carter Smith
ISBN 0382241312
© 1991 Silver Burdett Press
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs   Children & Young Adults  
book coverSports and Games of the Ancients
Steve Craig
ISBN 0313361207
© 2008 Greenwood
Categories :  Children & Young Adults   Sports & Recreation  
From School Library Journal: Grade 9 Up - This superbly researched book, arranged by geographic regions, focuses on the development of sports and games and the effect they had on the lives of people from the first Olympiad to the fall of Rome. Craig defines sports as 'rule governed' and with 'some degree of organization' and, usually, a 'victor or superior performers.' Games may use boards or dice while play stresses participation over winning, can happen whenever time allows, and doesn't require an audience. The history of the sports and games of Asia, Europe, North America, Egypt, and the Middle East have been well documented and are covered in depth. Less is known about these activities in Africa, Oceania, and Latin America; however, many are included for those regions as well. Women's roles are discussed when possible, but Craig notes a lack of verifiable information in this area. The author provides descriptions of each sport, explains essential equipment (including how to make it), and the rules of play. He provides enough information so that the activities described can be re-created, but readers will have to rely on text descriptions since there are few diagrams or photographs. Mancala, stick fighting, sumo wrestling (for both men and women), go, the log run, tejo, boomerangs, buzkashi, kabaddi, and Chinese football are among the topics covered. The material provided is not readily available in other single resources. This title will interest researchers and teachers searching for ways of extending their lessons on different cultures.
book coverThe Secret of the Sacred Scarab
Fiona Ingram
ISBN 0595457169
© 2008 iUniverse
Categories :  Fiction   Children & Young Adults  
A thrilling adventure of two young boys, whose fun trip to Egypt turns into a dangerously exciting quest to uncover an ancient and mysterious secret.
book coverValley of the Kings
Rob Alcraft
ISBN 0431027781
© 2000 Heinemann Library
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs   Children & Young Adults  
Reviewed by Francesca: A basic book for youngsters, it gives a brief overview of the country's ancient history and important monuments. Several chapters provide an interesting summary of Ancient Egyptian life and society. Clearly written and full of colored illustrations, it is best recommended for young adults interested in learning more about Ancient Egypt.
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