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Category:  Funerary Practices & Mummification

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book coverAncient Faces
Mummy Portraits in Roman Egypt
Susan Walker
ISBN 0415927447
© 2000 Routledge
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Categories :  Funerary Practices & Mummification   Art  
Note from Francesca : A companion to an exhibition taking place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, this book presents colored panel and shroud portraits of Roman Egypt. Contributors, including R. Bagnall, M. Bierbrier, K. Gschwantler, J. Taylor and S. Walker, give a concise acccount of mummy portraits and their discovery, as well as the Fayum and its people. Extensively illustrated in color, this is a useful book covering a little-known subject. An excellent reference for everyone.
Egyptian Mummies
Barbara Adams
ISBN 0852639449
© 1999 Shire Publications
Categories :  Funerary Practices & Mummification  
Reviewed by Francesca: In no fewer than 64 pages, this book provides a history of mummification from the Predynastic era to the Roman period. Tomb robberies, animal mummification, funerary customs and methods are discussed. Illustrated in black and white, it also includes a list of museums where mummies are exhibited, as well as a short bibliography. A must for everyone's collection.
book coverEternal Egypt
Ancient Rituals for the Modern World
Richard J. Reidy
ISBN 1440192464
© 2010 iUniverse
Categories :  Funerary Practices & Mummification  
From book is the first comprehensive collection of important temple rituals performed throughout Egypt during the time of the pharaohs. The author presents seven key rites from official temple records and ancient esoteric texts for personal or group use.
The Valley of the Kings and the Theban Tombs
Alberto Siliotti
ISBN 9774245926
© 2000 American University in Cairo Press
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs   Pharaohs & Queens   Funerary Practices & Mummification   Archaeological Sites & Cities   Travel Guides  
Reviewed by Francesca: This wonderful book presents the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, the Tombs of the Nobles and the village of Deir Al Medina. The author discusses mortuary rituals and presents many pharaohs, including those buried in the Valley of the Kings (Ramesses IX, Tuthmosis, Ramesses III, Ramesses I, Sethos I, Ramesses VI, Amenophis II, and Tuthomosis III), the queens buried in the Valley of the Queens (Nefertari, Khaemwaset, Amun-her-Khepshef) and the nobles from tombs TT 52, TT 69, TT 55, TT 96, TT 1 and TT 359. With maps, drawings, a bibliography, a chronological table and more than 150 photographs, this is an extremely worthwhile guide for travelers.
Thebanische Beamtennekropolen
Neue Perspektiven archäologischen Forschung Internationalen Symposion
Jan Assmann, Eberhard Dziobek, Heike Guksch & Friederike Kampp
ISBN 9783927552210
© 1995 Heidelberger Orientverlag
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs   Funerary Practices & Mummification  
book coverTombs. Treasures. Mummies
Seven great discoveries of Egyptian archaeology
Dennis C. Forbes
ISBN 1879388065
© 1998 KMT Publications
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs   Funerary Practices & Mummification  
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