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book coverA History of Ancient Egypt
Marc Van De Mieroop
ISBN 1405160713
© 2010 Wiley-Blackwell
Categories :  Historical Periods  
Ancient Egypt's Warfare
A survey of armed conflict in the chronology of Ancient Egypt, 1600 B.C. - 30 B.C.
Douglas S. Benson
© 1995 Bookmasters
Categories :  Civilization   Historical Periods   Egyptian Technology  
book coverCatalogue General of Egyptian Antiquities in the Cairo Museum
Statues of the XXVth and XXVIth dynasties
Jack A. Josephson & Mamdouh Mohamed Eldamaty
ISBN 9773051943
© 1999 Supreme Council of Antiquities Press
Categories :  Museum Catalogs   Historical Periods  
Reviewed by Francesca: From the introduction to the last page, this catalog is the witness of this period, qualified as ’purely Egyptian in style.’ The last paragraph of the introduction says a great deal about this most interesting catalog; the author suggests that scholars should show more interest in this particular period. When reading through this catalog, the reader will wish indeed that scholars show this interest. Through the well-documented pages appears a rich era. All inscriptions are well explained and all statues described with much detail. Wonderful photographs complete this recommended book.
Contributions to the Prehistory of Nubia
Fred Wendorf
ISBN 0835788512
© 1965 Southern Methodist University Press
Categories :  Historical Periods   Environment & Geography  
Egyptian Solar Religion in the New Kingdom
Re, Amun and the crisis of polytheism
Jan Assmann
ISBN 071030465X
© 1995 Kegan Paul International (KPI)
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Categories :  Historical Periods   Religion & Spirituality  
Jewels of the Pharaohs
Egyptian jewellery of the dynastic period
Cyril Aldred
ISBN 0500271208
© 1971 Thames & Hudson
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Categories :  Historical Periods   Jewelry, Clothing & Beauty Care  
From the book cover: Diadems, armlets, earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets, breastplates, amulets ... wrought in the rare and precious gems and metals that have stirred man's greed and wonder for centuries ... Nubian gold, vivid lapis lazuli, bright-colored faience and blood-red carnelian, Cyril Aldred [...] tells their enchanting and dramatic story... the myths and legends, the discoveries and thefts, that have marked each treasure's history. He explains the fascinating uses and significance of Egyptian jewels and describes the amazing techniques that created them.
Maât, l'Égypte pharaonique et l'idée de justice sociale
Jan Assmann
ISBN 226000671X
© 1989 Julliard
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Categories :  Civilization   Gods & Goddesses   Historical Periods   Sociology & Anthropology  
book coverMonarchs of the Nile
Aidan Dodson
ISBN 9774246004
© 2000 American University in Cairo Press
Categories :  Pharaohs & Queens   Historical Periods  
Reviewed by Francesca: This book provides a compact chronicle of the most significant Egyptian monarchs from the earliest times to the end of Nektanebo II's reign. The lives and achievements of these rulers (famous or lesser-known kings and queens) are clearly summarized and accurately detailed. Well illustrated in black and white, this book is mostly recommended for students.
Predynastic Egypt
Barbara Adams
ISBN 0852639384
© 1988 Shire Publications
Categories :  Historical Periods  
Protodynastic Egypt
Barbara Adams & Krzystof M. Cialowicz
ISBN 0747803579
© 1997 Shire Publications
Categories :  Historical Periods  
Reviewed by Francesca: Written by two of the leading experts in the field of early Ancient Egyptian history and prehistory, this book surveys the current theories surrounding the state formation process. It details the major sites which have been excavated and are under investigation, as well as the theorized contact with the inhabitants of the Western Desert and the Near East. It is a typical well written excellent little Shire book, with much compact information and many illustrations. All in all, it is an excellent source of information about Protodynastic Egypt for scholars and interested laypeople.
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