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book coverEgyptian Statues
Gay Robins
ISBN 0747805202
© 2001 Shire Publications
Categories :  Art  
Reviewed by Francesca: Egyptian sculpture makes a fascinating study of Ancient Egyptian art. It evolves over the years, thus letting interested individuals know about the various styles as they came to life. The author, an expert on Ancient Egyptian art, examines herein materials and techniques the Ancient Egyptian sculptors used over the numerous dynasties. She discusses the function of statues and the 'ideal image.' She also looks at the influence of Ancient Egypt on Greek sculpture. A short, well-illustrated, extremely useful book, recommended to every student.
book coverFrom the Pyramids to Tutankhamun
Memoirs of an Egyptologist
I. E. S. Edwards
ISBN 1842170082
© 2002 Oxbow Books
Categories :  Biographies & Memoirs  
Reviewed by Francesca: This lovely book concerns the life of one of the most distinguished Egyptologist: I. E. S. Edwards (1906-1996). His most unusual 'affair' with Egyptology started, as a young man, when he learned of Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. His life was made of passion and his energy seemed to touch everyone around him. His life was one that could surely touch many of those interested in studying Egyptology and a lesson in sharing, internationally, the discoveries and in propagating a vision of the past.
book coverHatchepsut
The female pharaoh
Joyce Tyldesley
ISBN 0140244646
© 1998 Penguin Books
Categories :  Pharaohs & Queens  
Reviewed by Francesca: Hatchepsut... a name erased from monuments despite her importance to Egyptian history. As this book explains through archaeological and historical evidence, she was a remarkable pharaoh (and queen !) having done much for the country. Her expeditions and her relations with the numerous Thoutmosis are discussed in detail. A chapter is dedicated to Senenmut, an important figure in Hatchepsut's reign. Maps, black-and-white illustrations and photographs complete this useful book. Recommended for the interested reader.
book coverIslamic Cairo
Alberto Siliotti
ISBN 9774245989
© 2000 American University in Cairo Press
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs   Archaeological Sites & Cities   Travel Guides   Religion & Spirituality  
Reviewed by Francesca: In this little book, the origins of Cairo as a city, its art, its architecture, its museums and monuments are presented. The history of the Fatimids, Mamluks and Ottomans is examined. Mosques, sabils, madrasas and the monuments of al-Ghuri, Khan al-Khalili, the citadel and the nilometer are discussed. Offering a bibliography, a chronological table, wonderful photographs, drawings and maps, this is a useful overview of ancient and modern Cairo; a practical guide for everyone.
Moral Values in Ancient Egypt
Miriam Lichtheim
ISBN 3727811382
© 1997 Universitätsverlag
Categories :  Sociology & Anthropology  
Reviewed by Francesca: The author claims this book (her fourth) is the last one. Through different Ancient Egyptian texts, she studies the meanders of Ancient Egyptian souls. Tombstone texts reveal their deep meanings and the wish of each to tell that his heart was filled with Maat throughout his life. She begins by explaining that one should be aware of 'terminological muddle', such as for the word wisdom. She also tells of the arrival of the idea of 'evil' in texts of the Fourth Dynasty. According to her, the pursuit of happiness seems to be linked with social ethics and generosity. This is an intelligent book to read, which leaves the reader with much to think about, once the book is closed.
book coverThe Columns of Egypt
J. Peter Philips
ISBN 0954349709
© 2002 Peartree
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs  
Reviewed by Francesca: "Using archaeological evidence to back up his portrayal of the Ancient Egyptian columns, the author describes the development of columns from the earliest stone columns, through the Middle and New Kingdoms, the Ramesside Period, ending with those from Christian Egypt. He first provides a general overview of the history of Egypt by including all the main monuments in Egypt (many of which are rarely visited) and then continues to present an overview of columns, pylons, halls, and their various styles as seen in a number of Ancient Egyptian temples, houses and palaces. He clearly explains and defines the terminology, classification and nomenclature to describe the many parts of the column. He gives details about the materials used and the decoration seen on the columns throughout the country, and explains the historical trends in column design. The book contains over 600 black and white photographs, drawings, sketches and maps. Recommended reading for the interested reader, and a useful reference for amateur and professionals interested in Ancient Egypt."
book coverThe Mysteries of Abu Simbel
Zahi Hawass
ISBN 9774246233
© 2000 American University in Cairo Press
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs   Pharaohs & Queens   Archaeological Sites & Cities  
Reviewed by Francesca: This book is an introduction about Nubia, the region where Abu Simbel is located. The author describes and discusses the High Dam and the Unesco campaign to save the temples; he provides details concerning the Sound And Light project. He then provides a brief summary of Ramses II's life and family. Various sections of Nubian temples are briefly described. Hawass also discusses the architecture of two beautiful rock-cut temples, and examines scenes covering walls. Maps, plans, illustrations and color photographs complete this useful and enjoyable guide, recommended for everyone.
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