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The three hieroglyphs stand for Life, Prosperity and Health in Ancient Egyptian.
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book coverAtlas of Ancient Egypt
John Baines & Jaromir Málek
ISBN 0871963345
© 1983   Facts on File
Categories :  Reference  
Reviewed by Francesca: The first part of the book introduces a comprehensive, condensed yet accurate summary of Ancient Egyptian history. The second part presents archaeological details and plans of the main cities of Upper and Lower Egypt, as well as Nubia. The last part offers a description of Ancient Egyptian society, with its scribes, its army, its religion, and its gods. The authors have also included a list of kings and pharaohs. Readers will see how the pyramids were hypothetically built through reconstructions and diagrams. Excellent maps, a glossary and a bibliography are to be found at the end of this wonderfully illustrated book. Highly recommended, it makes a good reference for all.
book coverAtlas of Egyptian Art
Emile Prisse d’Avennes
ISBN 9774245849
© 2000   American University in Cairo Press
Categories :  Architecture   Art  
Reviewed by Francesca: The first part of this album on ancient Egyptian art presents the author and his passion for Egyptology. The second part consists of plates, representing drawings and outlines of pillars, vases, portraits, columns, niches, plans, and patterns among many others. This is a good reference to the art and architecture of ancient Egypt.
Atlas of the Valley of the Kings
The Theban mapping project, part I
Kent R. Weeks
ISBN 9774245490
© 2000   American University in Cairo Press
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs  
The capital of the Hyksos
Manfred Bietak
ISBN 0714109681
© 1996   British Museum Press
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  
Avaris and Piramesse
Archaeological exploration in the eastern Nile delta
Manfred Bietak
ISBN 0856722014
© 1981   Oxford University Press
Categories :  Archaeological Sites & Cities  
Bioarchaeology of Ancient Egypt and Nubia
A Bibliography
Jerome C. Rose
ISBN 0861591127
© 1997   British Museum Press
Categories :  Archaeology  
Biological Anthropology and the Study of Ancient Egypt
W. Vivian Davies & Roxie Walker
ISBN 0714109673
© 1993   British Museum Press
Categories :  Sociology & Anthropology  
From the book cover: Medical analysis of the mummified bodies of the pharaohs has been described in many books. However this volume shows that the same techniques can be used to study ordinary Egyptians as well. The twenty-one papers in this volume were presented at a British Museum conference in 1990 by leading authorities in paleopathology, molecular archaeology, archaeobotany and archaeozoology. From the diseases that plagued Egyptians to the potential that ancient DNA analysis offers for recreating family relationships, this volume shows the extraordinary potential modern techniques for revealing ancient lives.
book coverBirds of Ancient Egypt
Patrick F. Houlihan & Stephen M. Goodman
ISBN 0856682837
© 1986   Aris and Phillips
Categories :  Animals  
book coverBlack Cumin
The magical Egyptian herb for allergies, asthma, skin conditions and immune disorders
Mohammeh Saleh & Peter Schleicher
ISBN 0892818433
© 2000   Healing Arts Press
Categories :  Cooking, Food & Wine  
Reviewed by Francesca: Known for healing every disease (except death), cumin is as important as a spice in recipes and as a medicine for colds and other such conditions. This book also shows the effectiveness of black cumin in treatments for asthma, allergies and acne. The authors provide fascinating information on this plant, including its important use in Ancient Egyptian times. Recipes are included for the knowledgeable or curious cook. Well illustrated, this book is recommended mostly for health and food aficionados.
book coverBoats
Dilwyn Jones
ISBN 0292740395
© 1995   University of Texas Press
Categories :  Egyptian Technology  
From the book cover: Drawing on archaeological and literary evidence, [the author] examines the importance of the boat in Egyptian ritual and belief as well as in everyday life. The sun god was thought to travel across the sky in a solar boat and Egyptians believed that the deserving might join the god Osiris in his divine bark after death. Boats played an important part in funerary ritual; models were often placed in tombs to provide the deceased with safe passage through the Winding Waterway in the underworld. Also, boats are frequently depicted in tomb-painting. The Nile has always been a vital transport artery for Egypt, and boats the principal means of travel. [...] Dilwyn Jones traces the development of the different types of boat and the techniques of their construction through the Old, Middle and New Kingdom periods.


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