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book coverVisual and Written Culture in Ancient Egypt
John Baines
ISBN 0199577994
© 2009   Oxford University Press
Categories :  Language & Literature  
Vitreous Materials at Amarna
The production of glass and faience in 18th Dynasty Egypt
Andrew J. Shortland
ISBN 1841710385
© 2000   British Archaeological Reports (BAR)
Categories :  Egyptian Technology  
From the book cover: The earliest vitreous materials in Egypt date to ca 4000 BC although the production of glass, faience, frit or 'Egyptian blue' does not really take off until the 18th dynasty. This book combines descriptions of various objects made from vitreous materials with an analysis of the processes and techniques used in their production. His study begins with the raw materials, he describes the processing of the materials and the waste products generated, the production and finishing of objects and their final distribution. Focusing largely on evidence from the city of Amarna, a large part of this volume is taken up with analyses of the structure and composition of the vitreous materials.
book coverWhen the Pyramids Were Built.
Egyptian art of the Old Kingdom
Dorothea Arnold
ISBN 0870999087
© 1999   Rizzoli
Categories :  Art  
From [This book] is the catalogue that accompanies a landmark exhibition organized by The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Reunion des Musees Nationaux in Paris, and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The show brings together 115 Old Kingdom masterworks from museum collections throughout the world.
Who was Who in Egyptology
Warren Dawson, Eric Uphill & Morris Bierbrier
ISBN 0856980315
© 1995   Egypt Exploration Society
Categories :  Reference  
From AEB: The new (third) edition of this book provides concise and updated summaries of the lives and achievements of the leading names of Egyptian archaeology, with many new entries since the last edition.
book coverWho's Who in Ancient Egypt
Michael Rice
ISBN 0415154480
© 1999   Routledge
Categories :  Reference  
Reviewed by Francesca: Who are the people behind the world's greatest ancient civilisation is the crucial question which drives this great book. From the most famous to the lowly people, from Egypt's heights of prosperity to its depths of despair, the people behind the names, both in their original and their Greek transliterated form, are revealed in an English language alphabetical order. Many of the museum collections have been examined and elaborated on. The first entry in the book is a scribe, Aakheperkare-senb and the last one is Zoser (aka Djoser Netjerykhet). Although there are no illustrations, it is an excellent and well-written reference, a must for students and scholars.
Wine and Wine Offering in the Religion of Ancient Egypt
Mu Choo Poo
ISBN 071030501X
© 1995   Taylor and Francis
Categories :  Cooking, Food & Wine  
From AEB: This study of wine offering goes beyond the mere discussion of its religious significance as seen in offering acts, being also concerned with the question of how wine as an object of daily life was integrated into the Ancient Egyptian religious system. The development of viticulture, the locations of the vineyards, the words used to designate wine in the Graeco-Roman period, the religious as well as the medical use of wine, and the attitude of the Egyptians toward wine-drinking are explored in this book.
Wrap Her in Light
Sandra Adelson
ISBN 0671441620
© 1983   Pocket
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Categories :  Fiction  
Synopsis: A daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti falls in love with a scribe.
Zwei Ramessidische Königsgräber
Ramses IV und Ramses VII
Erik Hornung
ISBN 3805310676
© 1990   Philipp Von Zabern
Categories :  Monuments, Temples & Tombs  


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